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How To Overcome 5 Biggest Challenges Of Sales?

Sales department in any organization is always given importance, people doing sales job are the one who brings a lot of money for their respective companies. Some people think this job is not so cool and a bad career choice. I have also come across some sales representatives who keeps complaining about their job. Relax, it’s not true. The truth is that they probably didn’t know how to sell or couldn’t find a solution for the sales challenges they’ve been facing. Let’s take a glimpse on what is sales. Especially those aspirants who are new to this field and looking out for a sales job.

What Is Sales?

The role of a sales executive/ representative is to sell their company's products or services. As I mentioned above, they have a very important part to play in their company's success. As a sales executive you can sell fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), consumer durables like washing machines, heavy machinery, computer systems software and services like life insurance, recruitment and much more. Your customers can be business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) and include wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, businesses and individuals.

The type of sales you want to indulge in is completely on you. You need to decide and start searching for a sales job according to your interest. As you get your desired sales job, you would face many challenges while working. All you need to do is keep calm and figure out appropriate solutions for them. Even though you’ve learnt several sales tactics, you are bound to face new challenges in your career. Here, I will be talking about some biggest challenges of a sales executive. wine themed kitchen

Biggest Sales Challenges And How To Resolve Them


At the start of your career in sales, you may deal with several rejections from the client. Executives start panicking which they shouldn’t, as failure is a part of success and it shouldn’t demotivate you. Take this as an opportunity to learn and improve, you’ll increase your chances of closing the deal only if you are consistent. Learn how to overcome this challenge by experimenting with your pitch and the way you showcase your product or service.

Retaining Clients

In sales retaining a client is like hitting the bull’s eye, this means you are going to get assured business for months or maybe for years. To retain them you need to build trust by being genuine, giving value for money, timely service and by keeping your word. As far as I know, many sales representative fails to close a deal and retain clients due to lack of credibility. You must boost your credibility by sharing your company’s blog/facebook/linkedin/twitter page, expertise in the field you are working, other buyer’s experience etc.

Getting Quality Leads

Getting quality leads is a must for every sales person, this will help you to avoid rejections as you will be targeting those people who would really be interested in buying your service/product. This increases your chance of successfully closing a deal, if not you will struggle to make sales. To find high-quality sales leads your marketing and sales department should align their processes. Apart from this, you must also know how your ideal lead looks like, this will help you to compare the leads which you’ve got.

Addressing Business Related Problems

This challenge is generally faced by sales executives who are dealing with Business-to-Business (B2B) buyers. These buyers will not be interested unless you are providing a product/service which helps them to resolve their critical business issues. Take some time, dig in deeper by asking questions to your manager/VP or CEO if you can’t figure out on your own. This is how you will be able to give a full-scale solution in a way that directly addresses each buyer’s critical business issues.

Competing With A Low-Priced Competitor

If your company’s product or service is expensive than it’s competitors, your client/customer are more likely to move towards the competitor’s side. To stand out from such competitors you need to focus on adding value by creating free content on your website or blog page. Share these contents on social media so that people would find you trustworthy and reliable.

These were some biggest challenges and their solutions which sales executives face at the start of their career. Write us your thoughts in the comment box below.