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John Blakey “The Trusted Executive” has formed a great foundation around the three pillars of trust through his teachings of ability, integrity, and benevolence.

We will focus on John’s thoughts on the Nine Habits of Trustworthiness for any CEO.

He has been highlighted on USTREAM TV where he currently has 120,747 total views at the Stretch Conference where he discusses the Nine Leadership Habits that inspire results, relationships and reputation.

Habits of Ability

1. Deliver - The people will trust you when your track record of success is eminent. You must follow through and deliver upon your results.

2. Coach - Your ultimate goal as a coach to is to magnify the abilities of those around you. You must choose to have those around you succeed before your own needs or desires are fulfilled.

3. Be Consistent - Consistency in all you do including your behavior and predictability is a must for you and your people to succeed. This will alleviate any issues with trust that your people might have with you as they will come to know and rely on the consistent track record that you portray to them.

CEO Coach

Habits of Integrity

4. Choose to be honest - The foundation of integrity is honesty. You must be truthful, admit your errors, and make ethical choices. If your word comes into question at any time it is difficult for your people to trust you.

5. Choose to be open - Make open and honest decisions that are transparent to your people. This will keep the trust of your team as it will allow for those to understand the path of your choice.

6. Choose to be humble - If you lead with humility, you lead with integrity and you know to keep the goal of your people as the first priority for your company you will always win. Habits of Benevolence

7. Choose to evangelize - Keep the goals and the vision alive for those around you. You must focus and be the advocate of positive news and all that is good.

8. Choose to be brave - Being the leader is not for the weak. Show consistent decisions that align with the values of you and your organization.

9. Choose to be kind – All team building can begin and end with kindness. You must stand up and recognize your team members with praise and recognition.

Some of the many conferences that John Blakey has presented at are:

London @ The International Coach Federation (ICF) global conference

Los Angeles @ The Vistage Chair World 2016 global conference

Virtual @ The World Business & Executive Coaching Summit (WBECS)

Virtual @ IBM Leadership Live

Dallas @ HP Americas Sales Leadership Conference

Budapest @ Stretch Leadership Conference in both 2014 & 2015

With being part of the Keynote Speaker Bureau of Vistage which is the biggest CEO organization in the World, John Blakey is able to deliver on his philosophy of “The Trusted Executive”.

How would you like to become more trusted as an Executive with John Blakey?