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Astonishing Facts About London

London is a beautiful city of England in the UK where they make the best probiotics in the UK. It lies among the most popular capitals of the world. This interesting country has an impressive history and you might not hear about its certain facts. This article will enlighten people about the amazing facts about London, and you can get further information at Vlondoncity.

No One Can Die In The House Of Parliament

Most of the people are aware of the fact that it is illegal to die in the House of Parliament, but they do not know the reason behind such fact. The law made suicide illegal before the year 1961, and it always seems strange to people. The actual reason behind passing such law is that the House of Parliament is a Royal Palace and if someone dies there, he will be entitled to a state funeral. This Royal Palace is also known as the Palace of Westminster, so it is against the law to die in the House of Parliament.

Queen Cannot Enter The City Of London Without Permission

People all over the world might believe that the entire country is the authoritative figure, and he can do whatever he wants, but this is not true in London. The head of the United Kingdom needs permission from the Lord Mayor for entering in the City of London. Although she is never stopped from entering the city also known as‘The Old Smoke’ but she always takes permission from the Mayor of the City.

Lies In The List Of The Top 10 Expensive Cities

It is true that London is a city where the elite class can enjoy well. The reason behind such fact is that this city is considered as the 6th most expensive city in the world. A lower or lower middle class can never afford visiting this place.

Mystery Of Big Ben

It is a common misconception that Big Ben is the name given to tower, but this is not true. The name Big Ben actually refers to the largest bell of the clock and it is not the name for the tower itself. It is sometimes also known as the Great Bell as it measures about 7 feet in height and weighs approximately 14 tons. 

Different Colored Buses For Different Routes

Today, people can only see the red buses running on the road, but before 1907, different colored buses move to different routes.

Bottom Line

London is a city which is full of mysteries, and if someone wants to know about those mysteries, he can browse Vlondoncity.