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The first year in college is all about new schedule, new friends, firsthand experience at cooking and shopping for the same. As you are on a tighter budget in the college, you cannot afford to eat out day and night; which is also unhealthy. Soon will come a time when you will be thinking of cooking yourself (although it may be for the first time in life)! Meal planning will be easier if you have a grocery list and shop wisely. It will also help in saving money.College Grocery Shopping TipsFirst things first! Before going shopping, you need to be fully aware of your budget, i.e., the exact amount of money you can spend on groceries. You should also research in the market to look for grocery stores that have a wider option of goods (with respect to cost of items).
Although you may love to indulge in cheeses and chocolates, you need to make healthy choices in the longer run. A healthy grocery list consists of fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, proteins, etc.
Firstly, you should shop for the items that you need every day like bread, eggs, rice, noodles, etc., as these food items can be used for making breakfast, lunch as well as snacks.
You should look for versatile food items like eggs that can be included in various dishes like salads, sandwiches; or can be eaten as a meal by making an omelet, etc. Bananas, potatoes, fruits, cheese, eggs, beans, etc., are some of the versatile food items.

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