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Definition Of Hair

Hair is a protein filament that raises from follicles found in the dermis, or skin. Hair is one of the defining characteristics of mammals. The human body, separated from areas of glabrous skin, is surfaced in follicles which produce thick terminal and fine vellus hair. Most common interest in hair is concentrated on hair growth, hair types and hair care, but hair is also a significant biomaterial primarily composed of protein, notably alpha-keratin.

Attitudes towards various hair, such as hairstyles and hair removal, vary widely across various cultures and historical times, but it is often used to indicate a person's personal beliefs or social position, such as their age, sex, or religion.

The root of the hair stops in an expansion, the hair bulb, which is whiter in color and softer in form than the shaft, and is lodged in a follicular complexity of the epidermis called the hair follicle. The bulb of hair covers consist of fibrous connective tissue, glassy membrane, external root sheath, internal root sheath formed of epithelium stratum (Henle's layer) and granular stratum (Huxley's layer), cuticle, cortex, and medulla of hair.

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