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Purple Color
The purple color has always had a meaning associated with royalty but since when is it a symbol of luxury? colors that go with purple?


The purple was discovered by the Phoenicians in the 4th century BC. They managed to extract a purple dye from a species of small marine snails from the Tyre region of the Mediterranean. This dye was so expensive to produce – 10 000 snails for a gram of tincture – that only Emperors, kings or queens could adorn themselves with silk of this color. Hence the purple color meaning and its connection with royalty. But the Crimson symbolized also the spirituality, the former chiefs of this color being seen as gods, or half-gods. If, according to the meaning of the purple color, you want to reign in master or explore your spirituality, why not paint your office with a beautiful shade of purple or royal purple, or even your room of soothing shades of indigo? No need for sea snails, you're lucky!

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