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It was 1975 and the war between VHS and Betamax had begun. They were fighting for dominance and each one wanted their share of the pie.

While many say that Betamax was truly the technically superior product amongst the two giants of Sony and JVC in which Sony had the upper hand with Betamax.

So how was it that JVC won out after a decade long battle and Betamax being the better product? Some say it was due to licensing problems that Sony had troubles coming to agreements with other manufacturers. Some have hinted at the idea that Sony would not allow adult content to be recorded onto their product.

However it came about, people began to choose VHS over Betamax day in and day out. Many Betamax owners could just cringe passing by the local video stores renting out VHS movies hand over fist.

Now whether you agree with the stories of Sony failing with Betamax due to not allowing the use of adult content on their films or having issues with licensing with manufacturing partners; I for one disagree!

Press Printers

As with many wildly successful products that come to play in our everyday lives it all comes down to the marketing. The marketing and who can show their product off more often. What I haven’t explained in this article is that JVC invested heavily in the promotion of their VHS product that they had produced and pitted up against the giant Sony.

JVC went after Sony hard with everything they had and eventually the marketing won out over the better quality product. Marketing and promotion is what conquered this far superior product.

Now just imagine if Sony would have paid attention to what was going on at this time. They would have realized how all of the marketing and branding that JVC was doing for the VHS product was hurting them.

One way they could have combatted this full on attack from JVC in marketing terms would have just to fight fire with fire. Actually in this case would be paper that they would be fighting back with.

The paper they could have used would have come in the form of leaflets to explain to people how much superior their product was to the VHS. They could have passed out flyers to every individual at a much lower cost than any other form of advertising such as radio and TV. Now the ultimate attack they could have done was in the form of posters.

Have you ever heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? If you really think about it a poster is just one big picture. You could say that a poster is is worth a thousand pictures. Just by having 1 poster it could have been communicating 1 million words to the public.

Now what if Sony had distributed out thousands of these posters to local video stores and retail outlets explaining their product and how much better quality their product really was? So why don’t you save your business with a poster that can shout a million words? You now have the knowledge to contact Tower Press Printers in Hampshire to create your poster and 1 million words today!