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emulation group

Student Grades. Please note (Faculty) - Final Grades must be submitted under the Faculty Tab then Grade Entry

StudentFinal Grade
Badot, Jonathan Joseph A (98.04%)
Bryant, Tracy M A (93.61%)
Ferris, Kelly Michelle A (58823617.71%)
Louis, Violette C+ (79.36%)
Smith, Daniqua Nicole A- (90.84%)
Sullivan, Sean Joseph A (99.08%)
Vu, Thuy T A (106.63%)

Guest Students

StudentFinal Grade
guest, guest F (38.94%)
Kiley, Maureen A (116.72%)
Sabbag, Bryan John F (5.61%)

Withdrawn Students

StudentFinal Grade
Guillaume, Tamarre A (105.56%)
Saylor, Courtney E A (983.39%)
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