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How Many Resumes Should You Have?

Many job seekers have only one resume, while some possess three or more. All of them want to learn the response to one question: Is one resume all I need?

Your specific employment objectives will help determine if you ought to have multiple resumes. You will want to have more than oneresume if you are searching in more than one industry, for example. A resume to get an electrical engineering job will need to be quite different froma resume for an advertising position. 

Why can’t I just have one resume with all the details?
Certainly you should have one resume containing all of yourdetails and achievements, which you can use as a reference to build other, focused resumes. Do the employers wanting to recruit you need to know all this information? Unlikely. 

You might be searching for two different positions inside the same industry, both of which you're qualified for. However, the abilities necessary for each job are different. Irrelevant information is only going to create misunderstandings on the part of the employer. You should customize your resume to each and every unique position, pulling relevant details from your diverse range of skills and experiences to help make the hiring manager’s decision as easy as possible. 

Do I really require 2 (or more) resumes?
You'll require more than oneresume when you have multiple professional career objectives. If you would like a job in sales, one resume may very well be enough. If you're also trying to find a job in investing, you'll need at least two. 

Using a general resume to target distinct career goals means your application can seem unclear, and doesn’t help showcase the reasons why you’re a fantastic match for the job. The objective is to have the potential employer review your resume and recognize immediately that you are a good candidate for the position. Anything which gets in the way of this purpose is not necessary, and is likely to see your resume in the trash. 

It is preferable to get somebody else to take a look at your resume. Should they have trouble matching your capabilities to the job, it may be a good indicator that an employer will also have a problem and that your goals and ability appear mismatched. 

PRO TIP: Keep a spreadsheet to monitor the different types of resumes, together with their overall performance along with what outcomes they produced. This way you can see what's working for you, as well as what isn’t working. Then you can tweak as needed for future applications. 

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