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Some Useful Information Related to OPT and CPT

There are many students who are studying in the USA and they want to work along with their studies as well. So there are many questions that come in their mind and in this article, we are going to discuss some of them. Let’s discuss the topic in detail.

What is the Eligibility for CPT?

The students are eligible for CPT if they are fulfilling the following criteria.

  • They must have an F-1 visa and it must have a valid status.
  • They must have an enrollment in any college or university in the USA. The enrolment should be for one year.
  • They must be in the major and all the pre-major students can not apply for CPT.
  • All the visiting exchange students can not be eligible for CPT.

The Things that Differentiate CPT and OPT

CPT is employment and it is a very important part of their curriculum. It can allow you to work as an internee and as a cooperative education program. CPT is a must thing and without it, you will not get the course credit. CPT is specific to your employer and it has to be completed before completing the graduation. On the other hand, OPT is an optional program for students and it does not mean that you have to earn the course credit. You can do OPT before and after the completion of your studies as it is not employer specific.

Does a Student have to be registered while on CPT?

It is a must thing to maintain the F-1 status of your visa and it means that you have to be full-time registered. There are many students who have to be registered as full-time students when they are doing CPT. In some cases, most of the graduate students are considered as full-time who have credits less than 10 and they are on full CPT. It includes all the students with engineering and related fields.

Does the Usage of CPT can Affect the Eligibility for OPT?

The best thing about CPT is that it can be used as much as you require it for your degree program. However, if you are using the CPT for 12 months or more than that then it will affect the eligibility for OPT. OPT is affected only of the student is doing full-time CPT. Part-time CPT will not Affect OPT. To apply for CPT the student must have an offer of employment For More Information Visit