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Music and Headphones together has changed the world

If you are reading this article in the computer then there are chances that you are wearing a pair of headphone. In a modern office, there are thousands of songs that are being played like Bryson Tiller True To Self but the good and interesting thing is that no can hear them and the credit goes to the headphone. There are about half of the younger workers who listen to the music during work and they have the opinion that listening music during work makes their job better and they can perform effectively. It is a proven study that music makes you more confident, happier and it also increases your productivity at work.

Music and Headphones

The success of headphones can be considered as it has created an oasis of privacy for people in a private place. There are many types of research that have proved that using headphones during work can be harmful and it can affect your productivity and work. It is also said that if you are listening to music then it hurts the ability to recall other stimuli and it reduces the performance of many introverts and extroverts.

Also, listening to music during work can divert your attention from work and you can make a low score as it affects your performance. Many people say then the verbal processing power of the brain is also affected if we are listening to music during work. So it is advisable to work completely in silence. But the point is that if headphones and music are so bad during work then why most of the people are using them at the workplace?

The Purpose of Headphones

There is a purpose of using headphone during work and it is to create a quite and private sound in the ear of the listener. In history, it is the fundamental departure from the social purse of music. If music is combined with a dance then it can result in social bonding. There was much advancement that was made in the 20th century like the radio made the music transmittable, speakers made the music big but the invention of headphone is very remarkable in the history of music.

It is a fact that music serves as social glue and it keeps the people together and with the headphones it is possible to enjoy the music even if you don’t have friends. Headphones are designed to have music totally for personal consumption.