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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Learning

Learning is a life-long process. Learning starts from lap and ends at a grave. In our life, we face many ways of learning which starts from home. This learning mechanism includes mother`s teaching, KG activities, School and college course work and research work. All of these systems are same but with right addition of technology. Technology is changing traditional means of teaching.  A prominent example of use technology in the learning process is online learning.Distance learning is significant patterns of online learning. People from schooling to PhDs use online learning to acquire degrees. So with the use of online learning people are also interested in the online business degree.

Ease of learning:

The biggest and perhaps most attractive advantage of online learning is ease of learning. One can learn from anywhere, anytime and in any position. Online education is evaluating substantially. Such courses are flexible but not limited to specific facilities or classes. It will save the cost of transportation and other expenses involved. You can rehear any lecturer.


Whenever your searches for an online course you will notice “self-pace” label on most of them. What does that mean? It implies one can learn and attend class according to their speed. Whenever one wants to stop one can and whenever one wants to restart one can. There is no restriction of terms and session deadlines. These types of courses are helpful to work working parents, on-job students and those who want to upgrade their degrees.

Low cost:

Online courses are indeed low cost. They are saving cost in two ways. One that they are offered at lower prices. Moreover, these online courses will prevent overdue and other expenses. Moreover one may search for many online courses scholarships.

Disadvantages of online learning

Online learning is beneficial, but it has some disadvantages too.Some of them are discussed below:

No development of personality traits:

When students attend traditional courses, they learn what is in their book as do the online learners. But these students face problem in developing personality traits which are essential for professional training. As in traditional learning, students learn through group tasks, experiments, and presentations. Whereas in online training these are absents or limited.

The absence of on-field work:

Most of the courses required learning by doing. Students have different assignments which require going to fields and study. These steps are necessary for the development of student’s understandability. For instances if the student chooses online degree he will face some difficulty in assignments which are if done in the group are beneficial from the educational point of view as well as cost effectiveness.