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So if you are cleaning your house in San Francisco on a daily basis don't get discouraged by how long this routine takes today. I do promise it will get much faster over time. Think about it this way if your bathroom vanities and mirrors are coat in filth and grime today and the coffee table is covered in food and dishes it is going to take a good amount of time to fix those things first before you can move on.

But remember it's almost impossible for them to be as messy tomorrow as they are today so this will take less time and every day you do the routine it will get much faster.

Today's organizing task will be your spice cupboard or drawer. Did you know that the herbs and spices have a shelf life? Check to see if yours are still fresh and whether it's time to replace them. You can tell with a good old sniff with your honker. The stronger the aroma the much more fresh they really are. Just think less fragrance means faint flavor so replace those that don't have much aroma.

You may want to consider in the future writing the date of purchase on the bottom of the new bottles that you buy. Here's a rundown on how long they will normally last. Ground spices such as cinnamon cloves you can expect to last 2 to 3 years. All spices such nut meg, cinnamon sticks or Peppercorns last for 2 years. Dried herbs such as sage, thyme and parsley will last for 3 years. Seeds such as poppy, sesame or mustard last for 2 years. Seasoning mixes such as taco seasoning and seasoning salt last one to 2 years. Extract such as vanilla, peppermint and almond will last for 2 years.

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Then we will move on to the laundry tasks that happen on a daily basis. Do everything in your power to get all the laundry done for today and you'll be lightening your load for the rest of the week by a substantial amount! Now if the thought of properly sorting and washing mounds and mounds of laundry is too much of an overwhelming task then plan on catching up by doing at least one load per day in addition to laundry scheduled as part of each day's tasks.

Now another huge hurdle is garbage disposal. In most situations, we throw fruit peels, rotten stuff and shells down the drain. You must remember that the disposal should only be used to dispose of the biodegradable trash such as veggies and fruit peels. You may also want to consider running a few cups of ice cubes through the disposal as well to sharpen the blades to improve the grinding power of the disposal.

You can look into masking odors in your kitchen trash by setting a couple of dryer sheets in the bottom of the garbage pail.

Now it is times like this when I hear about all these tasks that I have to consider in a day and it gives me and extreme headache! I have already worked a full 12 hour day so I don’t want to come home to these tasks. I would prefer a trusted cleaning service San Francisco to clean home for years.