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So that day is almost here the one she has been planning for you her whole life. Don’t be scared it happens to all of us. We get wrangled into that everlasting situation that we call love. You are not alone and as someone who should know I will explain why!

Now don’t get me wrong I love my wife, my life and have done so for the last 15 years but something had always been missing for me. Let me tell you my story and why you should spend that one last weekend of FREEDOM at The Spain Event.

I was the typical guy hung out with all my buddies, drank beer and generally goofed off. No real plans on ever falling in love but then one day it just snuck up on me; there it was BAM I was in love. I had fallen head over hills smack you in the face L-O-V-E.

Now I tell you the gushy stuff for a reason. I was young, dumb and naive and thought out of consideration for my bride to be; that I would hold my buddies back from throwing that one last weekend of crazy stupid fun. The kind of fun that you can only have when you are young and single with no cares in the world.

Stag Star

It was tough for my friends to swallow this pill and it wasn’t the blue pill either. They fought me tooth and nail to let them plan the ultimate weekend at The Spain Event and in the end I won that battle but to this day I know I never won the battle truly as I lost out on my Spain for stag weekends dream trip.

Fast forward 3 years all my friends are starting to fall off the map, getting caught by that crazy little thing called love. It has come down to my buddy Kevin and he is the last one holding out on marriage but low and behold he gets suckered in as well.

Now over the years I have been to my fair share of your everyday average stag parties for my friends. We head out meet at your local strippers drink a few beers, then maybe some shots and BAM you wake up the next day back in reality.

Now the whole time I am out at these stag parties I am thinking about that one last chance I had to have fun so many years ago. That time when I could have just threw caution to the wind and headed to Spain for the weekend with my buddies for that one last big party.

So I finally did it! Well it wasn’t my stag party but it was my buddies, my last single buddies big day was coming up and now being a little older and somewhat more wiser I explained my big regret to him that I had so many years ago by not taking him up on the offer of heading to Spain for the weekend. He was much wiser than I was I guess as he completely agreed with my logic and wisdom.

You wouldn’t believe what happened next at The Spain Event that we attended… Take a look for yourself!!

But, that’s not all there is in Spain. There are plenty of beautiful women out there and they are hot. So, make sure you do not disappoint when it comes to real action. Take a weekend-pill with you, in Spain lovingly known as “la píldora de fin de semana”. It will certainly help make your stag party unforgetable.