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Why Is Education Necessary?

Education plays the most essential role in the life of a human. It is the way through which nations get developed. Throughout history we can examples that without education no nation had gained success. We can take the example of our current world, where has the technology gone?

All of this is due to education. The more educated we became the more we invented. Today the whole world is connected. But since the last decade a huge downfall of education has been noticed and people stated multiple reasons for that. Many linked it to wars and increasing poverty whereas others linked this to joblessness.

I would say in either case people should not go against education as a whole. Instead, they should work for the betterment of education as we are defined by education and our future is defined by education. Even if we see that our education system is failing we can bring out alternate systems or programs like Accredited Life Experience Degree which are affiliated with online universities.

We can see many people registering in these programs too. But they are not just leaving education at a side as this is not the solution to the problem. We should be a problem solving society.