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emulation group

Happy birthday images. A glance at the calendar helped me further. You must be Mrs. Marwitz, I noted. The stranger smiled, winning. Looks so, she admitted, carefully folding her umbrella. Is it raining? I marveled, this morning the sky was still so clear ... April weather, she laughed, but you do not let me in. Mrs. Marwitz had placed a shiny nylon shopping bag next to her. Benetti 1907, Roma, I read. Somehow even had their shopping bag style. I thought about my eco-linen bags with cloverleaf imprint.

Happy birthday images. Could I leave this here ... for a while? Asked Mrs. Marwitz, There are only a few food ... But I still have to look at a friend afterwards ... No problem, there is another place in the back room, do not forget. She waved her hand. I'll get them tomorrow. Frau Marwitz sat down elegantly in one of the armchairs. She liked to have a cup of coffee and a glass of water. She looked critically at the mirror. Let's start right away, she suggested, opening her handbag to take a picture of her, size 10x15. It showed a wheat-blond lady with a stepped, rather short hair, about half-fifty, of a very similar type to the customer-perhaps even her sister. I want this haircut.

Happy birthday images. Pretty, I said, I'll get it easy, so cut it, too... Highlights? Just like here, Mrs. Marwitz nodded, Same cut, same color. I was still hesitating. Are you sure I should cut it so short? It's a radical change of your type. I'm quite sure, start. I nodded satisfied and went off. The rippling of water, the scent of good shampoo, the soft snapping of the  happy birthday pictures- all this raised my mood as always. Mrs. Marwitz, as an additional bonus, was quite entertaining. From the somewhat distant kind, but sympathetic. As a hairdresser, I am exposed to too often boring monologues. That is why in my profession I know people with normal or above-average entertainment talents.

I have my categories. A pathology of talking, so to speak. Most of the verbally conspicuous people - usually women look up - I can classify with their favorite subjects lightning fast.

There are the afflicted (thin hair, Aunt Lotti's bad leg).
The indignant (loss of morals, inflation and fraud).
The Querulantinnen (One has brought her to her right / her great old hairstyle). Happy birthday images.