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top choice of tablet for work and browsing

Tablets is an essential tool in our day to day life. From our personal life to work routines, it no doubt increases our efficiency and help us to achieve more in our various tasking. You can use it to link up with your home electronics surf net, reply emails, read E-Books, internet banking, pay your bills and so much more with all the wonderful apps!


When it comes to the choice of tablet. There is no doubt that iPad is the best choice for work and adding value for your personal life. Coming from the experience of using an Android Tablet and the iPad, there are vast differences between the two models and iPad is no doubt the ultimate champion when you compete the various models of tablets in the market.


Why iPad over Android Tablets such as Google Nexus series or the Samsung Tab Series

The operating System

The iPad operate on the iOS and Android tablets operates on well, Android. Both operating systems are user friendly and are easy to learn by people who had never used a smart phone or a tablet before. In today’s context, the number of applications available for both operating systems are also comparable as developers and applications owners realized that there exists potential market for both different operating system. However, there are some slight differences in the designs for the application in both iOS and Android, one can notice that the application for iOS tend to be smoother and are usually more refined in terms of development. For example, I had been trading Forex and CFDs on IG and the IG application for iOS and Android slightly differs. As an end-user, I find that the application of iOS operates much smoother and is integrated more seamlessly as compared to the same application available on Android. Most application also had the issue of slower loading and application hanging when I was using an Android tablet. The iPad is not flawless either, however the issues are much less pertinent which makes the iPad a better choice for constant and frequent usage.

The looks and finishing

The iPad looks simple, but it definitely looks elegant. The thing about Android tablets is, they usually looked rugged and often looked like they are made of cheap plastics. This is especially so for those lower price range models that are made in China. As the saying goes, ‘You pay for what you get’ and that is true for owning an iPad. It may be much costly, however the lifespan of an iPad is generally much longer than your average Android Tablet.

Here is a list of how iPad can help you in your work I have extracted from my article on

How can an iPad help you in your work?

  • Check and Create email on the go.
  • Surfing websites for information that you required.
  • Internet Banking
  • Monitoring of stocks and various financial trading tools.
  • Drafting reports or documents on the go.
  • Reading up of documents and books prior to a meeting or for knowledge.
  • Organizer apps that help track your schedule of the day.
  • Notes apps that allows you to take notes on the fly.
  • Webcam for online meetings.
  • Presentation to your clients and bosses

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