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Calculus 2

For 2nd-year computer science students, you will be required to take Calculus 2.  We have some recommended calculus 2 help for you.  Such as 

Khan Academy Calculus 2

StudyPug Calculus 2

Paul's online notes


Good luck, integral calculus, aka. calculus 2 is an advanced topic useful for computer simulations.

Chinese acupuncture for weight loss

Chinese acupuncture for weight loss was borrowed from ancient Chinese medicine, which is still famous for its effective methods of treatment. The great Chinese sages believed that the human body is a 12-faceted crystal.

There are 365 points on it, located on special 12 meridians, along which the vital energy "Qi" circulates. Each meridian is responsible for a particular body, and if a malfunction occurs in its operation, the situation can be corrected by applying an appropriate acupuncture point. However, there is an alternative opinion that acupuncture does not have Chinese roots at all.

The basis for it was found in 1963 a stone with sharpened contours of the Neolithic times, which, according to experts, could be used instead of needles. But anyway, the technique of acupuncture for weight loss of correct influence on points has safely reached and our time, and we can gladly use it for weight loss purposes.

Phen375 Amazon

Is Phen375 available at Amazon or eBay? Can you buy Phen375 there? Read this post to find out. 

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