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is the package of fried chicken important
Mainly in times of crisis entrepreneurs go out witch hunt (decrease expenses) The first thing every evil administrator thinks is to dismiss officials, the second reduce costs by reducing the quality of what sells, whether with the exchange of raw materials by others worse Quality, for the exchange of packaging.

Reducing costs with the worsening service or the delivered product is the worst option of crisis management that any businessman may have.

After all the customer when purchasing a product or receiving a service seeks to be well attended and matched in their expectations, only these two items guarantee the return of the customer, the "worsen" the product the entrepreneur is frustrating the customer's expectation, and therefore, will never again Conquer this person.

Packagings are part of the product presentation and make all the difference when we receive our request. Imagine receiving a fried chicken in an aluminum casing similar to those used for commercial boiling pans (warm), the disappointment would be immense and you would probably never buy that company again.

However, most companies do not use differentiated packaging, quality and the aggregate value of their product. A fried chicken with excellent ingredients delivered to the customer in a poor packaging has no visual or commercial appeal. (

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