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Interested in renting a locker on the Quincy campus? Lockers are $50 per semester and can be paid through financial aid. If you are interested in obtaining a locker, stop by the Office of Student Life on the 3rd floor of Presidents Place. 

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Fitness & Wellness

Exercise Programs

Exercise classes are a fun way to stay motivated and reach your personal fitness goals! At Quincy College we strive to promote a balanced lifestyle for our community by providing positive outlets to support optimal well-being. Below you will find our free exercise classes offered at Quincy College. Classes will take place once a week. If you are not interested in taking any exercise classes, Quincy College has a fitness center located in the basement of Presidents Place that is available for $50 a semester.

Quincy College Dance Fitness and Exercise Classes

Quincy College’s Dance Fitness and Exercise classes are designed to help you stay fit with the latest dance moves in a hi-energy class. We’ll get your body moving to exciting dance combinations, while getting a great workout! Taught by dance extraordinaire Cornelious Hood. Beginners and Intermediate dancers are welcome to join. If you can’t dance, this is a perfect time to learn and express yourself. See you there!

  • Classes are 60 minutes
  • Bring water, towel and appropriate shoes to dance in
  • Dress to move and sweat

Quincy College Flow Yoga

Quincy College’s Flow Yoga classes are designed to build strength and flexibility along with balance, concentration and mental clarity. Taught by exercise physiologist and Yoga teacher Dee Lyon. Dee blends the teaching of detailed alignment, an attention to the breath and precise movement in a class intended for students of all levels to deepen their understanding and experience of the art and science of Yoga. 

  • Classes are 60+ minutes
  • Practice class on an empty stomach
  • Bring a water, large towel and yoga mat
  • Dress to move and sweat
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