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There are a lot of free themes for MIUI which users can use either on the MiLauncher or on the ROM. The Miui themes change the whole interface, including the Status Bar, the Icons, the Launcher and the default apps.

But Here The Top 10 Miui Theme You Must Try


Source: SequelDroid

Ad blockers are a kind of software which saves you from the worst ads that create a mess when you are looking for something on the Internet.

We always notice that when we are trying to open a web page or any other websites, then we attacked up by the worst causing advertisements.

Some of the ads are pushing you up to the trouble because they are not innocent ads, but they are trying to push the virus to your systems such as doing phishing, keylogger, dangerous viruses, and much more.

As they targeted to your systems, then you must have your saving plan against these malware and dangerous viruses. There are many Adblockers in the market nowadays to save you from such worst ads.

You just need to pick on of them so that you can’t suffer more. Kill them by using Ad blockers. Some of them are available for your Windows OS or iOS, and some are available in the form of the browser extension.

The most popular Ad blockers names are following:

  • Adblock Plus
  • uBlock Origin
  • Adblock
  • uBlock

Well, I have used all of the adblockers which are given above and as per my experience uBlock origin is better than all other ad blockers.

Via - uBlock Origin VS AdBlock Plus

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