During my college years, the only debate that concerned me a lot was: "Internship or No Internship?"

Some people especially the professors used to emphasize on the importance of internships. Others were happy to complete their comprehensive education and then go for their jobs as they couldn’t understand the idea of internship. As I was a lot concerned about this issue during my student life, hence I would like to put forth my analysis on this issue and will try to conclude it for those who are facing a similar issue. 

Internships are important and should not be missed. It teaches a lot of lessons that come handy during the professional life or when the first real job starts. Internship is just like a warm-up match before the world cup. It teaches a lot about organizational discipline, politics that follow in companies and how to handle major issues on your job. Getting into the world cup straight without knowing the situation can be a very bad idea and might bring adverse results in the long run. Similarly going to the first job directly without the internship can bring adverse effects in the long run. During my tough days of university and online programs, I decided to I decided to address write my essay service.

I would suggest everyone to go for internship before their first job.

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