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Chinese Search Engine Baidu

The internet giant Baidu was incorporated on January 18, 2000, in Beijing is one of the largest internet companies in the world. Baidu has the first position on the search engine list in China and it is growing massively in terms of revenue and technology that can pose threat to Google. Baidu is not just web search engine it is more than it. Baidu is the fifth largest website in the world and it is growing at fast pace and now expanding itself outside from China. Understanding Baidu is important for the avid marketer. Let’s talk about the top 6 facts about Baidu from a marketing perspective.

1. Dominant Market Share: China has become a business power house in last two decades. The enormous amount of business activity and the advent of e-commerce have made Baidu very important. Baidu has the 79% market share in China followed by Google China 12.8%. Just considered the potential for interacting with Chinese customers through Baidu.

2. Baidu World: Baidu is not just confined to the search engine world but it offers around 60 community and search services. Ranging from Baidu encyclopedia to information search, social network, games and e-commerce platform. Baidu is a powerhouse for marketers to engage with multiple types of customer niches.

3. Marketing through Baidu: According to report, Baidu has almost 488,000 active marketing customers doing marketing online on different platforms. In the second quarter of 2014, Baidu saw 4.3% increase in customers and revenues up to 57% resulted in whopping $1.908 billion.

4. Understanding Customer through Baidu: An online marketer should always look for the popular content. Baidu is a great source of finding out the popular trend or customer’s attitude. In 2013 the most popular content was TV with 14.40%, commodity supply and demand 10.89% and etc. Commodity and supply have insights for the logistic businesses. Understanding customer attitude is imperative in the fast moving world.

5. The 23% Traffic: Almost 23% of traffic is directed towards the Baidu’s own websites. Baidu prefers its websites by giving importance to the SEO factor. An effective marketer needs a good net linking strategy to reap benefits. Targeting a specific website can result in favorable result.

6. Baidu’s Mobile Market: Being a popular web search engine Baidu has a great share of the market in the mobile world. In 2014 the CEO of Baidu Robin Li announced that Baidu has 500 million active users. Targeting customers through mobile are essential nowadays and Baidu can be targeted.