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TMJ treatment in Tampa – An overview

TMJ is a hinge that connects your jawbone with your skull. Each jaw in our mouth has a joint. With TMJ disorder, the patient experience pain in the jaw joint and in the muscles that control the movement of the jaw. The exact cause of this disorder is still unknown and many factors contribute to this disease such as jaw injury, arthritis, and genetics. Many people experience this pain when they have the habit of grinding their teeth but there are also many people that do not develop this disease even they have the habit of teeth grinding. It is possible to treat this disorder with care and non-surgical treatments. TMJ treatment Tampa will also help you out to treat this disease with surgical methods. Let’s discuss some of the methods for treating this disease.

Treatment of TMJ disorder

Sometimes the symptoms of this disease go away without any treatment but if the symptoms are still there then the doctor can suggest a number of different treatments. Some doctor chooses one type of treatment at one time and other chooses different treatments at the same time. Some of the common treatments are as below.

Treatment through Medications

  • To treat TMJ disorders there are many types of medications available in the market. By using these medicines the pain can be cured that is due to TMJ disorder.
  • If the medication is not enough for curing this disorder then the doctor suggest anti-inflammatory and pain relievers. To cure the disease the doctor can give you ibuprofen and many other pain relievers.
  • Many anti-depressants are also used for treating the pain.
  • Most of the doctors suggest muscle relaxants. After using them for some weeks the pain can be relieved.

Treatment trough Therapies

There are many non-drug therapies to treat the pain caused by TMJ disorder.

  • There are many people that get the benefit when they wear a firm and a very soft device that is inserted over their teeth. The reasons for getting benefits from these devices are still not known.
  • Many doctors treat this pain through ultrasound and also through ice and heat therapies. They also suggest exercises like stretching the jaws to make the muscles strong.
  • Complete counseling and education are necessary to understand the factors that trigger this pain. It is necessary to avoid leaning on your chin, grinding teeth, and biting finger nails.

Some other treatments are possible through surgical methods like injections and open-joint surgery.