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Chinese Love Thai Brands and they are copying them

There are much middle-class Thais that are unable to afford products from Europe, USA, America, and Japan. They use local Thai brands in their daily clothing and personal care routine. However, in China Thai products are considered as god quality as compared to local brands. The price of Thai brands is slightly high but their sales volume has been increased over a past few years. If you walk into a store then you will see that these products have 20% to 40% higher prices as compared to Chinese products. But the fact is that the “Made in Thailand” products are gaining large share in Chinese markets and they are also attaining loyal customers.

Chinese Products and their Bad Reputation

Many Chinese families are now increasing the consumption of Thai Products. This trend is increasing in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi because people are not accepting Chinese products because of their bad reputation. These are especially the local customers. Many countries have ban Chinese products because of some political reason that is why people are bound to purchase a product from other countries like Thailand. This is the reason you will find Thai brands in local stores. There is a wide range of available Thai brands like electronics, cosmetics, clothes, sandals, and household goods.

Better Quality of Thai Brands

Thai brands have better quality as compared to Made in China Products. You will find that Thailand plastic trays are more attractive and they have good quality as compared to Chinese trays and they have a little high per unit piece which is reasonable in terms of quality. Low margin products enter in China through the ship and high quality and expensive products like jewelry, perfumes, and cosmetic are freight-forwarded by air. The local mini-mart owners and storekeepers encourage these products. 

More Opportunities for Exporters 

As per a survey, the imports from Thailand have been increased. The reason is that Thai brands have a good reputation and they are imported from Thailand to many developed countries. Thai exporters are getting full support from the chamber of commerce and embassy so they can enter in many big markets like China. Thais have skilled and trained labor so they have the ability to penetrate in any market. These products have amazing designs and a number of options. The entire customers receive excellent customer care service so they prefer these products over Chinese products despite their high price.