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Imagine it is 3 A.M and you are fast asleep tucked nice and cozy in your bed when suddenly you awake because you are literally choking to death. What’s going on? Where is my family you ask yourself?

You soon come to realize as the smoke rolls into your room and the flames scorch all along the walls of your family residence that you are trapped. You are scared with no way of getting out of this situation while the smoke slowly chokes the life from you.

I truly hate bringing this horrific picture to your mind but I do have a good point that you might want to follow the rest of this story. Unfortunately this event was all too true and is an event that occurs more often than we know.

I take you to that dreadful day of January 19, 2015 where Associated Press reported the events of that fateful day.

It was early morning when the Pyle family was awaken by the blazing fire that had been ignited by a faulty electrical point that devoured their dry Christmas Tree almost instantly as per the local fire chiefs comments.

While this horrific blaze took over the entire house with no apparent warning to the family they had fought for their lives only to be taken by the heavy smoke and fire. On January 19th grandparents Don and Sandra Pyle along with their grandchildren Alexis who was eight, Kaitlyn who was seven, Charlotte who was eight and Wesley who was six all died from heavy smoke inhalation and extreme heat of the fire.

Fire Protection Systems

Officials stated that they presume the smoke detectors would have sounded off but unfortunately the home did not have a sprinkler system in place to battle off the blaze.

We tell this story to really get through how important fire safety truly is for you and your family. It is not enough to have a fire extinguisher sitting out in the garage somewhere that you probably have already forgotten about.

How would you like to work with a company that actually helps defend the Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom from fire? How would you like to team up with a company that keeps GOOGLE from harm’s way when it comes to taking on a fire issues that they might see arise?

The company that I am talking about is TPT Fire Protection Systems. They having been helping families like yours and mine for over 30 years while keeping their homes safe and fire free.

They specialize in automatic sprinkler system maintenance which is a legal requirement by UK residents, they make sure your water tanks and fire pumps are up to standards, help you with installing fire hydrants and hosereels on your private property and they can also help in the event that gas suppression is needed in those situations when they are required as well.

Walk; don’t run in a safe calm manner to your phone right now to contact TPT Fire Protection Systems to find out how they could save your life today!