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Oh those signs of time sure are changing. No more dull and boring signage all over the businesses that we view on a daily basis. Wait just a minute actually many businesses don’t even have the proper signage and if they do it looks like garbage.

Whoever stated that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover has definitely never owned a business. The first thing most individuals do is check out the cleanliness and the professionalism and that all begins with your sign! Right away they are deciding to deal with you and if they don’t like what they see they will just keep on moving.

External signs are a critical point in attracting and acquiring more clients. If you do not have quality business signage and wall graphics, how would a customer even know that your business even exists?

The signage is for the most part the first thing that the client will view before deciding to come into your business, and a terrible sign or even worse yet, not having a sign at all can turn off a new client dead in their tracks and turn them right around to never enter your store. Did you know that many studies have proven that almost 70% of all customers are of the belief that your business signage is a reflection of the quality of its services or products?

Car Wrap

It just so happens that more than half of all customers believe that a poor sign will discourage them from ever even opening the door to your business. Do you really want a poor quality signage representing your business because it is only going to hurt you now and for as long as you keep the mindset that your signage does not matter?

When you see it chewing away at the bottom line and messing with any revenue potential you may have why would you not at least listen to what I have to say.

What would you do if you could just double your sales with a Zoo Sign on the exterior of your business? What if you could then go on and increase your business sales by another third of what your previous annual sales were all with using properly placed internal signs?

Now you are making so much money you can afford to get your vehicle wrapped to show off your business even further for more profits. Next thing you know you are being invited to local, regional and international exhibitions where yet again you will show off all your new signage. Now how did you get here? How did we get from no business to plenty of dollar bills? We decided to listen to what the market has already proven to us over and over, study after study that Zoo Signs is changing the times!

Zoo is right behind you to help you deliver your message, your brand, clearly and consistently to your target market. They can help you with innovative and creative solutions for a more impactful visualization of your brand.

See how Zoo Signs can change your times and ultimately your bottom line!