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All You Need To Know About Facebook shop

Why should you set up a Facebook shop as a platform to sell on Facebook? With over 1.71 billion active users every month, Facebook has a large range of target audience that retailers should tap into. These active users are potential customers for your business. While not every one of them are going to be your customers, having just a fraction of these Facebook users as your customers is going to bring in a lot of revenue for your business. Many retailers are exploring the concept of a Facebook shop as an important addition to their core website.

Facebook also has an advertising platform which is very popular among online retailers. As Facebook is also growing quite rapidly, your pool of potential customers will also grow simultaneously with Facebook’s growth. If you do not have an online store yet, you should explore the e-commerce world because it has a lot of opportunities for anyone to sell or market any product and services.

What is a Facebook shop?

To put it in simple words, the book allows you to set up a store on your Facebook page to sell any products that basically, it is a dedicated page that you can set up on your own. The difference between this page with your personal Facebook account is it is focused only for business purposes.

Once you have your own Facebook page that for your business, there are plenty of tutorials on how you can begin setting up your page. Facebook does a very good job at giving a walk-through tutorial to its users so that they can get started in no time.

Why do you need a Facebook shop?

You are probably accustomed with visiting Facebook business pages. Facebook shop is available when you visit some of these pages and you can directly purchase the products through the Facebook page itself. The interface for this Facebook shop is created to allow you to easily browse through the products that they offer and conveniently purchase them through different payment gateways that the business provides. In other words, Facebook shop is another method that retailers are actively tapping into because it is another conversion funnel that can work very well for e-commerce businesses today.

Facebook shops are even more so important if especially if a business utilizes viral marketing to promote their products. This way, Facebook users can immediately see the price of the product and immediately purchase it without having a delay in response time when they want to visit the retailer’s website. In other words, Facebook shop allows users or the target audience of the business to make their mind up as soon as possible to encourage more sales and an increase in revenue.

How can you set up a Facebook’s shop?

Basically, you can create a Facebook shop yourself using Facebook’s setting but this will require some technical knowledge. You may be wondering how can a beginner or a normal retail owner can start setting up their Facebook shop without having to worry about the technical aspects?

Don’t worry, there is an easy way for you to set up a Facebook shop within a few minutes.

Setting up your Facebook shop with Shopify

Shopify probably needs no introduction. It is one of the most established e-commerce builder out there. It has helped merchants to process over $29 billion in sales. This e-commerce builder also has multiple plant that is suitable for different types of business owners regardless if you are a small business or a large business. In the App Store, there are many extensions that are created to assist you in the process of increasing your conversions and managing your store better.

One of the extensions that they have is the Facebook shop extension. Using the extension, you can do multiple customizations to your Facebook shop. Besides being able to sell your products directly through your Facebook shop, it will create as shop tab for your Facebook page. This way, your customers will be able to purchase your products quickly without having to leave Facebook. The fast response time and marketing method can bring in a lot of much-needed revenue for a business. This Facebook shop extension also works on mobile devices which is imperative towards the growth of all e-commerce businesses.

What are the features of the Shopify Facebook extension?

It is very easy to set up these Facebook shop because you can do it directly on shop of fine. Using this extension, you can immediately sync of all the products that you already have in your store to your Facebook shop. If you make any changes to the inventories or sale, these changes will be sent immediately to your Facebook shop as well. If you are interested in testing at several products to see which one will sell well, you can do is choose the product that you would like to feature on your Facebook shop instead of putting all your products on your shop. If your customers purchased the item in US dollars, they do not have to leave Facebook at all because they can do an on-site checkout.