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UK Visas - The Useful Information

Before moving to the UK you have to determine which visa is appropriate for your situation. Application form can be obtained from any UK embassy or it can be downloaded online. Some people are more conscious and get the job of any professional visa processing agency or any travel agent just to make sure that everything will be handled carefully. If you have to visit the UK then it is better to apply for a visa before time because you can not predict the delay in visa processing time. UK visas processing is different for different countries so you have to search for an appropriate process which is totally for your place of origin.

UK Work Visa – How to Apply

People who are outside from the European Union have to apply for the work visa to be legally employed in the UK. There are a number of types of work visas so before applying you have to carefully study what type is suitable for you to apply. The Work visa is for non-EU people having a job offer from a registered company and a sponsorship certificate. This visa is only for specially-skilled people having confirmed job letter. British home office confirms that the vacancy is actually vacant in the company that is sponsoring the person. This confirmation is not done for all Tier 2 visa applicants. This is only done when there is a doubt about the particular vacancy.

Do it yourself

All UK visa documents are in English language and they must be filled in English. If you have any supporting document in any language other than English then an authentic translation of this document has to be submitted. Any third party can help you in applying for UK visa but it is suitable that you should do it yourself. People who are applying for the work visa for the UK have to provide biometric information like fingerprints and facial image. Depending on your country you also have to clear the TB test.

Visitor Visa for Friends and Family

This type of visa is only available for 6 months. People having visitor visa should leave the UK before or on expiry date because they can not extend it or switch it into another category. They can not apply for UK visa three months advance of their intended entering date in the UK. When applying for UK visa you should mention the date on which your visa has to start otherwise the embassy will start your visa from the issuing date.