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Some Important Things to Consider before Replacing Roof in Ann Arbor, Michigan

The most important component of your home is no doubt a roof. Its main function is to keep the water out of your home. The average cost of replacing a roof is about USD 2000. It is definitely a huge amount and everybody dares to spend this large amount. So it is necessary to consider some things before making this important investment. You should be sure that the job is done perfectly. Let’s discuss some important points regarding replacement roof Ann Arbor. More: how to get playdough out of carpet

Do Research to get maximum Satisfaction

There are many roofing contractors in Ann Arbor, Michigan who don’t pay more attention to customer satisfaction. The truth is that replacing a roof is not a regular ob ant it is done once after a few decades. Most of the homeowners choose a contractor who offersfewer prices. The reason for this low price is that they are giving low wage to their workers. So it is important to be careful about the contractor you are going to hire. Ask references from your friends and neighbors and choose reputed ones.

Layer the Old Asphalt Shingle

Your roof has two layers of asphalt shingles but if there is anyone then it in not necessary to throw away the old one. You can layer it with new shingles. In this way, you can save about USA 1000. Make sure that your contractor has carefully examined the shingles and decking. If you are living in a snowy area then it is important to remove the old roof so that the contractor can install water and ice shields and some rubber membranes to prevent water and leaks. If you have wooden shingles then the contractor will tear off the roof completely.

Choose Top Quality Products

If you don’t want to worry about your roof again then it is important to choose top quality products and materials. It will also increase the selling value of your home if you decide to move. The top quality shingles will just increase the total cost up to USD 400 to USD 500. Copper flashing is the most durable material for roofing.

Do More Documentation

It is important to maintain three most necessary documents.

  • The building permits for roofing project that can be obtained from town committee.
  • The written agreement with all terms and conditions agreed with the contractor.
  • A letter to your insurance company.

Make sure the contractor has removed all the nails that came out after ripping the roof with the help of a giant magnet.